As a registered Broker/Dealer, our services involve the creation and protection of our

clients’ financial plans and future security. Within every financial plan there are hopes of

financially secure retirements, realization of dreams, education for loved ones, fulfillment

of goals and the satisfaction of being financially independent. We recognize the awesome

responsibility of these obligations and have made arrangements to be able to function in our

role in spite of a major disruption of normal business activities due to a catastrophe of

nature or terrorist acts.


While Integrated Financial Planning Services, Inc. does not hold any client money or

securities, it may be a comfort to our clients to know that each of the financial institutions

we represent have detailed business disruption plans in place to protect client interests and

assure our clients of access to their investments and funds within a reasonable time after

any unforeseen disruption of normal business.


Further, Integrated Financial Planning Service has the capability to relocate our operations

to offices at other locations within Germany and, if necessary, the continental United States.

While we do not expect such a calamitous event, we want to assure our clientele that we are

prepared to continue business in an orderly fashion and keep our clients’ records secure and

available in such an event. We are here to assist our clients in recovering their invested

funds through any eventuality by being able to reconstruct the investments and the amounts

invested. A copy of our plan is available on request by calling + 49 6221 23597 or e-mail