If you are interested in living in the United States or Internationally and working in areas of financial planning, securities and insurance, then you should consider working with us.

Integrated Financial Planning Services is a FINRA member firm, registered to work in the United States and abroad. We became a broker/dealer and member of the SIPC in June 1986.

We are represented in all major regions of the United States and throughout Europe. The advantage of representation around the globe is that we have many areas from which to provide service.


We have dealers’ agreements with very many mutual fund groups, investment trusts, annuities, tax planning and insurance companies. We can prepare your taxes or in conjunction with our attorneys prepare your trust for estate planning.

Financial Planning

As you can see by the preceding paragraph, the financial planning process entails much more than simply providing excellent vehicles for investment. Although we are a broker/dealer, we believe very strongly in the total process. Some of our representatives are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). Others are currently enrolled in the College for Financial Planning or in the American College at Bryn Mawr.


We require that you become properly educated, tested and registered before being permitted to represent IFPS. And we require that this be a continuous process during your association with us. Only through continuing education can you maintain the professionalism to work with the public in a responsible manner.

On most business days FINRA offers you the possibility of testing at a large number of centers throughout the United States. Also there are five different foreign locations giving you the opportunity to test in a foreign venue, in Frankfurt Germany, Paris, Geneva, London, or Tokyo.

Although there are many sources of study available, we maintain a limited supply of home study courses to assist your preparation. We can assist you with CFP, insurance, and tax preparation courses.

Most of the program sponsors with whom we have Dealers’ Agreements regularly send officers to visit our people. They’ve been able to provide excellent training, both generic and specific.

In addition, we provide an Annual Investment Fair, which is designed for registered representatives. This is a three day session where you are given extensive training by many of our prominent program sponsors, along with workshops to learn how to represent individual investment vehicles. The social activities added to this Investment Fair usually make it a good time as well.


Naturally your compensation is directly proportional to the business you develop; however, we are of the opinion that if you are doing a good job taking care of your clients and representing our firm, you deserve to be very well compensated for your work.

Going International

We are philosophically of the opinion that it is pretentious to believe that all good investment vehicles in the coming decade will be primarily found in the United States, or that all interested clientele will be US citizens.

As such, we are carefully expanding our international division, and slowly adding new products of international registration, which you could potentially offer to your clients. In addition to product expansion, we offer a career opportunity for international representatives. We can grow together.

As a complement to our US federal and various state registrations, we are registered with the German government for the representation of investment and insurance products. Our Far Eastern division is relatively new, but growing quickly. We are happy to be one of the leaders in the exciting and dynamic process.


Finally, whether you wish to work in the United States or internationally, consider a career with us. Whether you wish to specialize in a specific area of financial planning or become a competent generalist, come and discuss it with us. I believe that no matter what career field you choose, you should try to be the very best you can be.

If you choose this career field, come share some ideas with us; we make the very best possible.


Barry E. Swanson, CFP®