Welcome to the world of Integrated Financial Planning Services. I write "world" because our firm is significantly different than the average Broker/Dealer you may encounter. As opposed to being purely domestic, we are international with representatives and a product selection from many different nations.

On the one hand, we are a conventional U.S. Broker/Dealer in that we have dealers agreements with many of the major mutual fund companies, asset management companies, some investment trusts, universal life and annuity companies, and other investment opportunities designed to comprehensively fill most financial planning needs. Along with specialists and attorneys associated with our firm, we are happy to assist you with retirement and estate planning.

From an international perspective, our representatives can work with U.S. investments or foreign denominated investments. We also have an international benefits division which visits and provides planning to individuals and groups throughout the world. 

I hope this website will be a good introduction to the wide world of Integrated Financial. I hope you take the time to read what it is we have to offer and to contact us to share ideas. We have so much more to offer and potentially could develop a synergism beneficial for us both. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


Glenn Kinkade